Living with Teal was one of the best things I have done in my whole life. I need it so bad and the Universe gave me this present. I grew so much, I’m so much more aware of my emotions and patterns now. Teal taught me a lot about my inner children and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. It was not easy, because you face your shadows everyday, but so worth it! And we used to have great times too, of course, was not just shadow work all day long. We used to hike those beautiful mountains of Utah, go to Main st and have delicious food, go to the movies, go to my favorite “new age” store in SLC, Botanic Gardens, museums etc. I used to have great times with the whole family… And I miss it a LOT! That year living with Teal was equal a 10 years of therapy. I feel so special and blessed for have had this opportunity that some many people dream of.

She is not perfect; she is a human being like us with all the emotional baggage from her traumatic childhood. But it’s very inspiring and empowering to see her working on her ” issues” everyday to become a better person. She is a warrior!

I feel sorry for people who talk bad about her like Cameron. I think Cameron didn’t realize the big picture and missed a huge opportunity to work on her “shadows”. Teal used to spend hours and hours working with Cameron but I guess she was not ready to face her “demons”.

I want to thank Teal and everyone in the house for helping me to overcome some many issues. I’m a better person now because of that.


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