Jessica Schab,
I met Jessica Schab a few years ago in Toronto after noticing her doing an interview with Lilou Mace as a Crystal Child. I emailed her and the day after we met in Toronto. She charged me $120.00 to do energy work and I drove her to another appointment right after north of the city. We met a few more times over a few months. Jessica was either late or would not show up on time saying it was because of being a crystal child and not being of this dimension.
I found her to be ungrounded and spaced out for the most part. At the time I had started a blog called Massage Planet News and also e-transferred her $80.00 to do a video interview about her healing abilities. Over time she showed severly erratic behaviour and when she met Diego Fontanive in Bali she blocked many of her former friends and contacts that had helped her financially and emotionally. Finally this year she has posted numerous slanders, threats and harassment against her ex-boyfriend Gus (all charges and court documents filed against her are here: and others or other spiritual teachers she deems as competition such as Teal Swan. I have not received a receipt for my services.
In order to protect individuals from slander, financial extortion and abuse we have now reached a point where we had to work together and stop this behavior as it has injured many over time and also to protect anyone from being a victim of her scams and end of fear foundation which is not registered as a professional business or non profit foundation as she claims.