I had been on the spiritual path for about 20 years or so when I came across Teal’s “Why Don’t We Remember Our Past Lives Ask Teal video. Her energy resonated with me and I instantly felt like what she was saying made energetic sense. Shortly after watching the video, I listened to her Houston online synchronization workshop. It felt like home listening to Teal. Her energy was warm, compassionate and inviting. She explained things in a way that made both intellectual and emotional sense.I met her in person at her NY workshop. I felt like even though I wasn’t onstage, my questions were answered and I started to feel my emotional life shift. I had always been a very positive person but underneath that positivity was a lot of pain that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Teal’s teachings, her willingness to answer my questions on Facebook and her help during dreams and meditations has helped me uncover deeply suppressed emotions that have held me back unknowingly my whole life. Although I appeared to be a very high functioning member of society, I was harboring intense pain that was covered by a mask of positive affirmations. Teal has done more to help me face my shadows than any other spiritual teacher because she isn’t afraid to stay present with people who are in intense pain, self hatred and provide the tools to help their healing. In the three years that I have been following her work, I have witnessed some of her biggest fans attack and turn on her, use her processes against her and question her past and her motives. In that same time, Teal has never stopped doing her own shadow work, sharing her discoveries with the public and lending a helping hand to those who are in pain and who have given up hope that life can feel good after trauma. She has remained unwavering in her commitment to raise the vibration of this planet. I have attended or watched almost every workshop since I’ve saw that first Houston workshop. She continues to grow and evolve as a human being and teacher and provide new ways for people to heal. She has remained consistent in her approach that everyone has their own answers and are the source of their own wisdom but never abandons those who seek her help. I have grown tremendously in the last three years since following her work and have become very skilled in helping others using her tools and methods that promote self love and integration.


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